04 November 2009

fall foliage

just as i finished bragging about the amazing weather we are experiencing in san francisco...the sun came out and pounded on the city's pavement yesterday. it was a scorcher. still, it was a day too good not to be spent outside, and it was all errands for me. ah, the life of a housewife. my trips home from the store are usually accompanied by many heavy bags. i can't help it. whole foods calls to me. the walks home become a workout in and of themselves, and i was dripping through my uniform (also, known as yoga clothes) as i was wandering yesterday. 

i am really loving life without a car, and getting used to finding other ways to get around. so far, being able to walk almost everywhere is a real treat. i think i'd miss so much about this city if i was relying on a car. little details - people, sounds, architecture, smells, art and just pure fabulous-ness stand out to me - that i believe would stay hidden and unnoticed behind the glare of street lights and a steering wheel. i don't know where we will be living in four months from now, but i hope so much that it's within walking distance of everything i need. if not, biking-distance would do. 

i meandered by the yerba buena center for the arts (which is lovely, by the way) on my way home, and look what i found...

those are fall leaves, my friends. as it turns out, california does see more than one season. what a nice surprise.

*project thankful: today i am thankful for two healthy feet that can carry me from one place to another. as much as i complain, pick and sulk over my body, i am grateful that i am healthy. the ability to have use of all my limbs, to walk a mile, carry groceries, and get everywhere i need to on my own is not a luxury we all have. treating your body like a templetakes on a different meaning when i think of it that way. 

"health is a state of complete harmony of the body, mind and spirit. when one is free from physical disabilities and mental distractions, the gates of the soul open." ~ B.K.S. Iyengar

much peace and love. xo. 


Kristin said...

I am thinking Thursday for the zoo...is that too short of notice?? You don't have any excuses since you got all of your errands done yesterday!!!

Tamara Jacobs said...

hi laura, thanks for saying hi on my blog:) i love your blog! i think we could be good friends:) i love a lot of the things you write about...especially your meatless, yummy recipes! your life in san fransisco sounds so charming!!

Anna said...

i don't like driving either. i would love to be able to walk everywhere... so much less stressful!

when you guys move back home ;).... i will walk/ride a bike with you everywhere!

p.s. i love that picture!