24 October 2009

creature comforts

i have some nightly rituals. it is essential for me to have something warm in my stomach before i go to bed at night. it just helps me sleep better. that, mixed with my love for sugar, usually leads to a steaming cup of hot cocoa around 9pm.

usually, if i ask nicely, "hey coco, do you want some cocoa?"...i can get cort to make me some. he does the best job. tops it off with some non-dairy whipped cream and a marshmallow. 

comforting, and delicious. especially on a cool, fall night. 

heat these ingredients together:
1-2 cups almond milk
1/2 tsp ground vanilla bean
3-4 tbsp. cocoa powder or raw cacao (for raw hot chocolate

or....we like to keep it simple with heated water and sugar-free swiss miss. i swear, you can't tell the difference. xo. 


Krista said...

mmm. i just got some TAZO green tea people have been raving about. am hoping it takes the place of my night time bowl of cereal addiction

Erin Bradley said...

YUM! I have been addicted to the caramel apple cider that coco introduced me to. (In New York, you know, the trip you were supposed to come on:). It's getting expensive so I will have to try your hot cocoa recipe.


Morgan said...

Hey Laura,
Yes, we keep it completely vegan in our home, and have for the past several years. we actually used to have a very occasionl seafood or cheese, but took that out about a year ago. Of course, we live in a very non-vegan world, so sometimes when we are out a little dairy can slip in in a baked good or something, but it is very occasional. We should swap recipes for sure. I have some amazing ones to send your way also! Have fun in San Fran, we love it there!
Lots of love...Mo

The Campbells said...

mmm-yum! I will have to try your hot coco recipe. Sounds so delish! Just thinking about you guys and hoping you are doing well! Love ya!

Bret and Cherissa Newton said...

The caramel apple cider Erin was talking about is my weakness. I make it all the time at home. All you need is apple juice and Starbucks syrup (buy Cinnamon and Caramel and add to taste). Perfect for Halloween!