11 October 2009

cozy sunday

after two bus trips and hoofing it a few blocks on foot, we eventually found our church today - i will never again take for granted having a meetinghouse right round the corner of my house. i must say though, it almost made church today more worth it. knowing that it was just a bit harder to get to - the lessons seemed more meaningful, the conversations more lovely, and the day just seemed better, all around. plus, the crowded bus ride home ought to get us some points in heaven. 

it's a cloudy, cold day in the city, and i love it. we walked into our cozy little apartment, (thanks to some re-arranging of furniture and some autumn-spiced candles) smelling of fall and ready for a nap. at least i was. the hard-working husband of mine will be studying the rest of the day. to help him out, i whipped up a constant in our household these days - tuna melts and tomato soup. i'm pretty sure the husband would request this as a last meal before the electric chair...that's how much he requests it. we are rotating this meal with plain fish and veggies around here. these are our food staples - no time to be creative. much too much to see and do. this is our recipe for a cozy sunday...

...hope you are enjoying yours.

laura & cortney's tuna melt sandwiches w/ tomato soup
sandwich ingredients
4 slices ezekiel bread
bit of organic valley butter (or spray butter works as well)
1 can chunk light tuna
handful fresh cherry tomatoes, cut in half
2-3 tbs spicy mustard
little bit of relish (eye-ball it)
shredded cheese, if you like
sea salt
fresh ground pepper

heat griddle on medium heat. mix tuna fish, mustard, relish, tomatoes and cheese together in a small bowl. butter one side of each slice of bread. place 2 buttered slices down, and spoon tuna on top. cover with other slices(s) of bread. wait a few minutes and then check to see if bread is grilled to desired taste (we like ours crispy), then flip. serve along side some heated pacific natural foods low sodium creamy tomato soup. top with some fresh chopped tomato and pepper. yum.


Anna said...

i remember one time you made me a tuna fish sandwich and it reminded me how much i love you. they are sooo good.

what a cozy sunday.

Ashley Engar Blackburn said...

Sounds deleeshiiious (good times eating sushi with Car Car)