10 September 2009

treehugging tips: traffic, schmaffic

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simple and green tip 09: traffic, schmaffic

next time you find yourself held up in a traffic jam, stopped in a drive-thru line, or stuck around the on-going construction, put your car in park. the rule of thumb is that if your car is idling for more than 30 seconds, it's worth your while to turn off your engine. you'll save on gas and cash - plus knowing that you are being as green as possible - it may make that idle time just a bit more bearable. but probably not. 

**i'm looking forward to stashing our cars away for over 5 months while living in san francisco. our own two feet and a little public transportation, that's all we'll need....

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Morgan said...

What are you going to San Francisco for? I love it there, and I love the convenience of the trolley you can take, just jump on, jump off. So nice!