03 July 2009

treehugging tips: on the road

simple and green tip 03. the peapod

i joke often about getting rid of my car and relying solely on my own two feet or a bike (any day now), but this sweet little pod, is the next best thing. the peapod is a petite, low-speed, eco-friendly way to get your way from point a to point b and made of over 95% recycled and recyclable materials. it emits no pollutants and runs entirely on electricity, so you can charge your "pod" while you are charging your phone. how convenient. 

it gets up to 30 mph, and is intended to only go "short distances," but i still get a kick out of thinking about taking the pod out onto l.a.'s crazy roads. i imagine the horn sounds similar to those of big wheels.beep beep. i can only imagine the looks i'd get, weaving in and out of traffic. because at 30 mph, i'd still be going faster than anyone else.

p.s. they are starting out at $12,500 and are available (on a waiting list) in october. 

sign me up.


Lisa Marie Trent said...

I'm all for it. As long as no one in their SUV's rear-end me in my recycled material that most likely won't survive that kind of impact...

joncampbell21 said...