30 June 2009

treehugging tip: glass half-full

simple and green tip 02. glass half-full

here is an interesting fact: it costs more money to drink bottled water than it does to put gas in your car. 

at first, i didn't believe it. but its true. according to the earth policy institute, it actually costs up to 5x's more, due to the packaging and transportation. if that doesn't cure your love of the bottle, try this on for size: even if you don't mind spending the cash, 8 out of 10 water bottles used in the US are thrown into landfills, where they won't biodegrade and can sink chemicals in the soil.

i have been guilty of buying bottled water in the past, but found it an unnecessary expense, and am happy that i was unknowingly helping out with our earth's plastic problem. now, i fill our fridge with tap water in about a million of these babies, and always have one on hand. 

nervous about tap water? the national resource defense council kindly reminds us that bottled water companies do not have to release their water-testing results to the public, whereas municipalities do. 

or you could always just buy one of these....


Lisa Marie Trent said...

Which costs more- drinking bottled water? Or buying a million of those kleen kantine's at $19.95 a pop...?

I'm totally kidding. Money isn't the issue here, water is. In great respect to your title- people should be advised to only fill their cups HALF full of water, as no one usually tends to finish a full glass of water, hence forth, wasting it. (Especially at restaurants..)

l.nelson said...

good advice lisa, and very true. i never really noticed that i did that...