07 May 2009

terribly happy may

there is something about spring time that just brings out the best in people. when the weather turns, usually the moods do too. i have always loved the month of may, with its sunshine, green-ness and blossoming flowers ~ all this happiness brings me to a fun idea...

taza, of the rockstar diaries, is featuring posts of those who have 10 things that make them terribly happy. i brought the husband in on the idea, and we came up with few of our own...

Cort's list of 10 (ok, 11) things that make him terribly happy:
1. my wife
2. cowboy stuff
3. my wife's laugh
4. camping tents
5. riding bikes along the boardwalk with my wife
6. basketball
7. saying "my wife"
8. seafood
9. seeing my wife's face in the morning
10. plain frozen yogurt with fresh fruit
11. loving my nieces and nephews

Laura's list of 10 (ok, 13) things that make her terribly happy:
1. my husband
2. snuggles and kisses from my nieces and nephews
3. after a good, hard workout - fresh from the shower, fresh face, fresh pj's, all warm and cuddling with my husband.
4. watching my husband playing basketball, or any sport for that matter.
5. clean smells
6. the exact moment said husband gets home from work.
7. hot chocolate
8. bikram yoga
9. baking or cooking something new
10. "all day saturdays" spending the whole day with my husband 
11. picturing my husband as a dad
12. witty jokes
13. sunshine and a good book 

what makes you terribly happy? do share.

{both photos taken by the oh-so-talented, rachel thurston}


Amy and Anna said...

1. a good joke
2. hummus
3. the cold side of the pillow
4. natural light
5. nieces
6. breakfast
7. sister time
8. red nail polish
9. new bed sheets
10. indians

- Anna

Ashley Engar said...

I just threw up a little in my mouth...love you!

l.nelson said...

ashley - don't hate, congratulate.

anna - #10 indians?? hahahaha. cort and i were laughing all night.

millisue said...

Hey, I just wanted to say congrats to you two! Honestly, you guys look so good together. I love Ashley's comment! Sorry i'm a stalker.

Kristen and Brandon said...

You seriously are the most adorable thing ever!!! I love you Laura! I miss you! Next time you're in town we HAVE to get together!

The Campbells said...

You guys are just too cute!
Did Anna really put Indians on her list? Never knew that about her ;)

Ashley Engar said...

I'm sorry...I really am SOOOO happy for you. You know someone has to give you crap...that's what me and Carlee are here for :). I'm just joshin with ya. Love you.