17 March 2009

luck of the irish

digging into my scottish roots, i can't help but feel somewhat like st. patrick's day is my own personal holiday. i have a deep love for all things irish, including riverdance, the color green, liam neeson, and enya. it is my personal goal to make it to ireland on st. patrick's day...someday. but just for now, i'm going to be perfectly happy spending the day with my most favorite irish-thing of all....redheads.


so, from my bleeding green heart to yours...happy st. patrick's day.

"may your blessings outnumber
the shamrocks that grow,
and may trouble avoid you
wherever you go."
{irish blessing}


whit said...

Happy St Patty's to you Laura. I was lucky enough to go to Ireland and it's the best, so green so gorgeous..cute picture of Court by the way, It sounds like you guys are doing awesome and I love catching up with you through the blog world. Glad that we can keep in touch.

Morgan said...

Dave is half Irish...So I have a thing for irishmen myself. :) Happy St. Patricks.

Morgan said...

P.S. I hope Cort passes along some of those redheaded genes to your soon to be children. Redheaded babies are the best ever! My dad was red, Daves birthmother was full irish and red, so we have a chance, but judging from the way my other 2 turned out, I dont think the odds are in our favor. So you and Cort need to have one for us. :)

Amy and Anna said...

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!