04 March 2009

love and grace

i had to steal these pictures off bryan and amanda's blog because I can't believe how cute little gracie is. i get to meet the little wee this weekend and my heart pounds harder and grows bigger every time i think about it. i can't decide who i think she looks like more. either way, she scored... xoxo


Amy and Anna said...

Oh she's a cutie and she definitely looks like Amanda.

Anonymous said...

She is beautiful! Isn't it so fun to be an aunt. I love it.

I've been meaning to tell you I love your engagment picture. You look really pretty.

Morgan said...

I love newborns, there is nothing like them. They are just fresh from heaven sweetness. I was wondering if the dinner for the wedding was a kid firendly situation...or should we find a sitter? Wasnt sure so I havent sent it off to you yet. Anyways... I cant wait to see you all beautiful on your wedding day. Its coming up so soon. YEAH!