11 February 2009

kickin it old school

with valentines day just 3 short days away, i have been trying to think of cute ideas to show my loved ones my love without breaking the bank. not being that crafty or creative myself, a friend from school gave me the idea last night by giving me a valentine - like the kind we used to stuff in each others' homemade boxes in elementary school - why we stopped doing this, i do not know. it is cute, easy and gets to the point...

...buy some, or make your own...

...make some homemade goodness...

...and make a sweet mix with all your favorite love songs. here are my picks for vday 09' (don't make fun):

1. the promise - tracy chapman
2. only love - wynonna judd
3. one love - bob marley
4. have you ever been in love - celine dion
5. you're the inspiration - chicago
6. oh boy - duffy
7. angel of mine - monica
8. everything - michael buble
9. bleeding love - leona lewis
10. always be my baby - mariah carey
11. true colors - phil collins
12. lost without you - robin thicke


Erin said...


Thanks for saying hi. I'm glad you did. I've been known to stalk a few blogs in my day as well. I'm excited for you and Cort, he's always been one of my favorite people.

You'll have to tell him that our little girl is looking like she might just have red hair! It already gets her lots of attention.

Amy and Anna said...

I'll just have you be my valentine this year. :)