14 November 2008

simple dreams

i dream of living in a small town.
i dream of balance.
i dream of marrying cortney.
i dream of the day i can grow my own food and live off the land.
i dream of a day i can look around me and only see trees and nature.
i dream of a day where i wake up and don't criticize something about myself.
because i dream of raising children with confidence and positive attitudes.
i dream of having kids, dogs and horses running all around me.
i dream of always being able to say the right thing.
especially to those that need to hear the right thing.
i dream of carlee, ashley and i taking our kids on hikes in the mountains
and trips to the park.
i dream of being able to ride a bike wherever i want to go.
i dream of the feeling of accomplishment.
i dream of being peaceful.
i dream of being the best mom, the best friend, the best wife and the best sister i can be.
i still dream of having it all, but mostly,
i dream of a simple life.


Lindsey Sharp said...

I hope you get all of that!!

Amy and Anna said...

Sounds great, sign me up.